We did it and registered a business in Scotland yesterday!

Now we can officially conduct training and master classes throughout the UK. In December, it is unlikely that we will succeed – here, the pre-Christmas atmosphere is noticeably gaining momentum, but from mid-January, we will get involved in active work.

Remember the other day I wrote to you about how much we managed in just ten days in Scotland? So when we met with a business consultant who helps entrepreneurs start a business and mentioned only some of the things we have already managed to do, she was shocked. Many more times during the meeting, she talked about how we inspire her to achieve success so quickly.

What we do, anyone can do. The secret is that in our lives, we are guided by the primary habit of the most successful people on earth. Unfortunately, less than 1% of the world’s population is aware of this habit and practices it.

This is the main habit I talk about in my new master class, “Success on Autopilot™. How to develop genius habits that will automatically lead you to great success in life and business.”

At the series of live master classes that I will conduct in the UK in January, I’ll share with you what has long and always helped me and thousands of our students achieve outstanding results many times faster than most do.

Over the past 15 years, I have been sharing this knowledge in one form or another, and our clients in more than 70 countries of the world have found and realized themselves to the fullest. Many have become dollar millionaires, built successful businesses, found their soul mates, received degrees, and achieved extraordinary results in sports, music, art, etc.

I want you to learn about this system for achieving big goals, so I invite you to my new master class, “Success on Autopilot™,” in one of the cities in the UK in January.

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In this master class, I will show you what you need to do to create your successful and abundant life completely automatically and with little or no effort.

It will be a short – 2 hours only – but incredibly powerful master class about what the truly rich and successful know and can do and what most do not know about. But it is precisely the knowledge and skills that form the gap between those who are at the top of success and those who only dream of a successful life. But, most importantly, these principles are extremely simple, and every person on earth can start using them, changing their lives beyond recognition in the shortest possible time!

I will be glad if you find 2 hours to attend the master class in your nearest city in person.

Please sign up yourself and invite your friends with you!

With faith in you and your genius success,

Your Mykola Latansky

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