“I am sincerely grateful for the moment in my life when I forced myself to go to your first training AWAKEN THE GENIUS INSIDE™.

I have always looked at such events through the prism of skepticism. And today I am overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude to you for helping to open my eyes to many (seemingly) simple things, such as the law of attraction.

You conducted corporate training for the employees of my company, BUSINESS TURBO ACCELERATOR ™, and I saw the employees how the law of 100% responsibility works, without which it is impossible to move forward. They learned to listen and hear each other. Misunderstanding, ambiguity, and fuzziness disappeared from our communications.

Employees themselves come to the right decisions, take responsibility, and act, sincerely wanting to achieve a positive result. I see that in my company, I have only Geniuses (although the enterprise is located in a small city).

My task is to help employees constantly develop their talents. And today, thanks to the grains sown by you, we are creating a dairy image of the country and a source of pride for every Belarusian!”

— Svetlana Sushko, owner and director of SOAO “Belovezhskie syry”, Minsk, Belarus

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