“Our photography school is recognized as one of the best in Kyiv. The secret of success is that not only do teachers take responsibility for their part of the work, but students also take responsibility from the very first lesson to be great students. This life principle – to take full responsibility for everything you do, was taught to me by my teacher and mentor – Mykola Latansky.

Seven years ago, it was at his training that I first encountered this concept. Frankly, I was amazed at how this excellent habit can be introduced into life with the help of straightforward, accessible, and understandable exercises.

Since then, I have gone through almost all of Mykola’s programs, and I learned a lot of valuable things that I apply at the subconscious level in my life and business.

As a result, I have grown the business to heights that it was even scary to dream of before, improved relations with relatives and a radical change in the environment, a healthier lifestyle, and much more. I will be immensely grateful to Mykola for everything he taught me.

— Andrey Alsufiev, Co-founder of the Vivat photography school, Kyiv, Ukraine

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