I have been studying with Mykola Latansky since 2012.

I can say with confidence that Mykola is the best motivational coach, able to discover Genius in any person and help them start believing in themselves.

The inspiration I received after going through his programs allowed me to completely change the nature of my work. I founded my own training company, “View of the World,” to bring people together for development and growth. We have held dozens of events in three years and built a successful business.

At first, I was a participant, then an assistant in the programs of the Academy of True Success of Mykola Latansky. And now, I can proudly say that we are the organizers of Mykola Latansky’s training in Minsk.

Everything is possible! The main thing is to believe in yourself and take responsibility!

—Elena Kashkan, owner of the training company “View of the World,” Minsk, Belarus

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