“Mykola talked a lot about Genius on the programs, and it helped me to believe in myself. Many people have a problem with self-confidence and self-esteem. It was necessary at that time for me to believe in myself, to believe in my Genius.

The training helped my business grow from a one-person business to a company where 35 people work; our products are exported, and they can be seen in the federal networks of the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan.

It was Mykola who inspired me to study the topic of Internet promotion and marketing. Thanks to Mykola, I also realized that I like to share my experience, help other entrepreneurs and rejoice when other businesses grow.

The training gave me an impetus to develop myself as a speaker and consultant. When you believe in yourself, you start to decide on previously impossible actions. I gained confidence in myself as a speaker. My book has been published, and I have conducted several trainings for small and medium-sized businesses to promote goods and services on the Internet. After training with you, I realized I want to continue to help entrepreneurs increase their business.

It turns out that by sharing my experience when I conduct trainings, I improve the country’s economy and help other entrepreneurs increase their business.”

— Olga Ermachenko, Director of the production company VZD “Garden of Joy” Volgograd, Russia

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