For me, studying with Mykola of Latansky is a constant source of inspiration. Both online programs and live events affect some hidden mechanisms in my soul and inspire a desire to create, invent, move forward, and become better every day.

The True Success Navigator test helped me get out of a protracted depression after a car accident; I asked myself questions from the test again and again, answered them again, and looked for answers to other questions until one day, I felt in the flow again, spread my wings, and a got completely different vibration around!

I just burst into tears from happiness and the realization of the joy of being alive and healthy, the happiness of hugging my children and husband.

I am grateful that at the darkest moment, I received knowledge and inspiration from Mykola and turned myself back to life.

— Tatyana Zadorozhnyaya, Director of PE “HOBBY-SVIT,” Mykolaiyv, Ukraine

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