It was not an easy road from Turkey to Scotland, but we could cover 4600 km by car, as planned, in just five days!

Our calculation turned out to be correct, and the fact that we were on a fast all the way allowed us to reduce a lot of time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and made it possible to get enough sleep in no more than 5-6 hours.

Today is our 22nd (!) day of fasting. My wife Tatiana plans to finish in a week, and I will be fasting for 42 days — I am getting ready as a gift in the form of cleansing and rejuvenation for my 50th birthday at the end of December.

I will tell you about fasting later, and today I want to remind you that very soon, I will run a series of my master classes, “Success on Autopilot™. How to develop the habits of genius that will automatically lead you to great success in life and business” in different cities in the UK.

I decided to give this workshop because I watch people worldwide repeatedly achieve the same unsatisfactory results, not knowing and not understanding that they are the leading cause of everything that happens to them.

As Viktor Frankl said, “Life never becomes unbearable because of circumstances, but only because of a lack of meaning and purpose.”

The biggest problem with the unconscious life is that we remain unable to change what does not serve us. We think that the reason for our failures lies in other people and circumstances, but in fact, our unwillingness or unwillingness to take full responsibility and control over our lives leads to results that we do not like and that we do not want.

The primary function of our brain is to automate actions that we repeat more than once so that we do not have to spend mental effort on the same things over and over again, and we can free up time and energy for creative tasks.

Living unconsciously, or without understanding how we ourselves create all the results in our lives, makes most of us fail. Depending on our habits, they automatically lead us to happiness, fulfillment, and wealth or to suffering, defeat, and poverty. And this will continue until we consciously observe our own behavior and find out what serves us, should be improved, and what hinders us and should be eliminated. In other words, we must begin to observe ourselves to see what kind of thinking and behavior repeatedly creates our results.

In the Success on Autopilot™ workshop, I will show you what you need to do to automatically create your successful and abundant life with little or no effort.

This will be a short but compelling master class on what the truly rich and successful know and can do and what most do not know about. But it is precisely the knowledge and skills that form the gap between those who are at the top of success and those who only dream of a successful life. But, most importantly, these principles are extremely simple, and every person on earth can start using them, changing their lives beyond recognition in the shortest possible time!

I will be glad if you can attend the master class. Please register yourself and invite your friends to join you!

With faith in you and your genius success,

Your Mykola Latansky

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