Each person is born a genius and has the potential of a genius throughout his life. It depends only on us whether we will reveal our genius potential or not.

Being a genius means doing something that no one has done before.

I have made it my mission in life to help people around the world get on their true path – the one that is the only right one for them, regardless of what others say or think about it.

A person who has chosen the path of a genius for himself has pronounced qualities and characteristics:

• knows why and what for he lives;
• has a great vision;
• talks about his vision to others and inspires with his life example;
• chooses an inner compass for a guideline in life and relies on inner wisdom;
• every day takes concrete steps toward his big goals and does not deviate from the intended path;
• makes the world around him better by realizing his gifts and talents;
• constantly develops and expands its scope of personality;
• helps others turn their life into a masterpiece.

A person who decides to follow a genius’s challenging but exciting path eventually gets into the flow, and his life becomes effortless. Any life challenges become requests to the Universe and God, which are quickly fulfilled. Life is joyful and happy. Achieving new peaks of success and life realization are becoming the norm. The level of awareness of such a person is getting higher and higher every day – he understands that no one else influences his life like he does. There is no more room for suffering, conflict, strife, and contradictions. Instead comes acceptance, openness, and trust in yourself and the Universe.

Each of us is capable of turning our life into a masterpiece. The only question is, will we allow ourselves to embark on the path of genius and give this world in full what was destined for us from birth?

© From the book of Mykola Latansky, “Inquire Within. Spiritual way to great success.”

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