There are only 11 days left until New Year 2023. Very soon, everyone will only talk about the celebration of the New Year and Christmas, make plans, hope for a better future, and then celebrate … drink … eat … and drink again … eat … And so on until about January 13!

What’s next? And then millions of people will move away from the celebration for a few more weeks and try to return themselves to a working rhythm, but it will turn out extremely poorly for them.

Why? Yes, because studies show that if the rest is more than two weeks, it takes about two (!) months to resume the primary rhythm of work. Thus, only by mid-March will those who allow themselves to relax on New Year’s Eve and Christmas “solemnly” cross out two and a half months from their lives!

Unfortunately, most people are unaware of this “vacation” phenomenon and, therefore, will look with envy at those who did not fool around for the holidays but soared into the New Year 2023 at full speed.

This is the approach that all my successful friends and I practice. We also celebrate and relax, but we know how important it is to stop the process of relaxation in time, pull ourselves together and return to our own growth and development path.

Today, December 20, is the last day you can join me and a team of over 50 people from 13 countries in the powerful 90-day online MetaGame™ group coaching program in Russian language. Tomorrow this will be impossible. But, most importantly, no one knows when the next Russian-language enrollment starts. Perhaps never, because I am now transferring all the focus of my attention to the English-speaking market.

Please don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Many people do not even suspect how they personally destroy their lives. Those who reach great heights in life and business rely on a system guaranteed to lead them to such heights. I have developed MetaGame™ for myself and my clients, but do you have a system that, with 100% probability, will allow you to make the next 2023 the best year of your life?

If what I am saying now resonates with you, you have one last chance to join us and get to Lesson 2. “Programs of the subconscious. How to take your life to a new level” (You can listen to the previous first lesson in the recording).

==> Sign up for the MetaGame program and become the champion of your own life in 2023!

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