Greetings from Gibraltar 🇬🇮, a tiny country in the south of Spain that I have long dreamed of visiting, and my wife Tanya gave me a gift for my 50th birthday, and tonight at 23:45—15 minutes before my birthday—we arrived in Gibraltar!

Usually, on my birthdays, I summarized the past year’s results and reported on my successes and achievements. But today I have an unusual birthday—today is my 50th birthday. Now I want to talk not about what I achieved in the previous 50 years but about what new challenges I will throw myself and what I will achieve in the next ten years of my life!

I do not plan to relax, slow down and prepare for a quiet retirement. The next ten years can and should be the highlight of my life so far.

It is usually not customary to share plans widely and openly declare our big vision. But I proceed from the fact that achieving big goals is always a team sport, and it is impossible to reach great heights on our own. But when people around us know about our aspirations, dreams, and goals, there is a high probability that we will meet those who can help us achieve our big vision.

So, I would like to openly declare my plans here until my next anniversary, when I turn 60. These goals have inspired and motivated me for the past few years and are challenging. But how can life be interesting if we don’t have a challenge?!

So, up to 60 years or much earlier:

1. I became an influential spiritual teacher and entered the list of the top 100 spiritual leaders on the planet.

2. My books have become world bestsellers and have been translated into hundreds of languages worldwide. They regularly top the bestseller lists and are available at every major airport worldwide.

3. People around the world turn to my Genialism™ teachings to learn how to listen to themselves, inquire within, and open up their inner genius; how to understand their true path and why they came to this world; how to realize themselves through their gifts and talents and be helpful to others and the world.

4. I advise governments and presidents of nations and train other spiritual leaders to help people grow personally and spiritually.

5. Millions of people watch my YouTube channel daily, and I am a regular guest at major global events.

6. I live happily, and my presence on this planet raises the vibrations of humanity and brings it to a new level of development.

7. My level on David Hawkins’ Scale of Consciousness exceeded 951.

8. I am fluent in four foreign languages: English, German, Spanish and Arabic.

9. I am a dollar billionaire and move around the world on my mega yacht—this is our home and office simultaneously.

10. I have excellent physical shape and regularly participate in swimming competitions. At 60, I look 45 or even younger.

P.S. This list can be expanded, augmented, and detailed.


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