Unlike the previous year, when I approached my 50th birthday with a sense of unease about unfinished goals, the past year has been one where I lived to the fullest. Interestingly, my own MetaGame™ program played a pivotal role, as I actively participated in it as a student season after season.

Here’s a visual rundown of the year:

  1. Mastered the workings of Amazon and published four books in English.
  2. I achieved bestseller status on Amazon for three of my books.
  3. Acclaimed philosopher Allan Piz wrote the foreword for my latest book, “Success on Autopilot™.”
  4. Earned a review and recommendation letter from a prominent contemporary philosopher in the USA for my application to the University of Edinburgh’s master’s program.
  5. Applied to the University of Edinburgh but, despite the rejection, commenced studies at the University of Oxford.
  6. Secured support from a respected German professor for a two-year program at Oxford.
  7. Completed various philosophy programs at Oxford and gained two essential certificates for advanced education.
  8. Became a proud member of the Oxford Philosophical Society.
  9. Penned an article on my Genialism™ teachings for the Oxford Philosophical Society’s journal.
  10. Joined the esteemed British Philosophical Society Gerard Circle.
  11. Conducted vibrant masterclasses in Glasgow and Edinburgh.
  12. Expanded my worldview significantly by delving into geopolitics, attempting to attend the BRICS summit in South Africa, though visa complications prevented it.
  13. I spent six months in the UK, traversing the length and breadth of the country.
  14. Participated in events organized by the British Association of Professional Speakers.
  15. Transitioned from Britain to Turkey, covering 5000 km by car and exploring France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, and Bulgaria along the way.
  16. Stayed in Luxembourg for a few days and in Austria for a month on the journey from Scotland to Turkey.
  17. We settled in a house by the sea in Turkey, surrounded by orange, grapefruit, mandarin, and avocado trees, offering a breathtaking view of the sea.
  18. Established a new home in Turkey (although not our own, it’s our current residence).
  19. Participated in a Turkish wedding for the first time, impressing all Turkish guests with dances alongside Tanya.
  20. We faced the loss of our dog Leo (due to a scorpion bite) and cat Kissinger (owing to old age) but welcomed two stray Turkish dogs, Arnold and Pedro, and a cat named Cindy into our home.
  21. In response to Leo’s unexpected demise, I developed a potent method, the “Leo Method,” for swiftly coping with the negative emotions of losing a loved one or a pet.
  22. Resumed regular swimming sessions, completing numerous workouts in the Mediterranean Sea.
  23. Engaged in six international open-water swimming competitions across three seas: the Marble Sea, the Aegean Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea.
  24. Significantly improved and launched seven seasons of MetaGame™.
  25. Participated in five seasons of MetaGame™.
  26. Conducted numerous webinars on diverse topics.
  27. Underwent a 24-day fasting period in the summer and commenced another fasting period, abstaining from food for eleven days already.
  28. Prescribed glasses in Britain, which I wore for two days before realizing they would hinder rather than help my vision. I opted to refuse them and, naturally, fully restored my vision in Turkey over eight months.

As I approach the next year of my life, I’m setting even more audacious goals. But I’ll share those another time…

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