Greetings today from Edinburgh, Scotland!

We’ve only been here a few days, and our lives have already turned upside down. And all because the Scottish government gave Tanya and me permission to live and work in the U.K.!

I confess that we were skeptical about the possibility of moving to the U.K., especially considering that I had already been to London and its environs twice but never got into the spirit of England.

But as it turned out, Scotland is a completely different dimension. And, above all, the people and atmosphere here. And not far from Edinburgh, we found places absolutely identical to the Ukrainian Carpathians – in nature, weather and views. Oh, how we missed them!

In addition, we realized that living in Scotland would force us to develop faster and enter the English-speaking market.

The choice was serious, given that we had been living in Turkey for half a year and did not plan to move anywhere. Nevertheless, Scotland inspired us so much that we decided to live in two countries: in Turkey, we have a tourist residence permit, and there we will have the main house for restoration and creativity for now, but we will conduct business from Scotland.

In general, I wanted to tell you that it makes sense to be a world citizen in today’s multipolar world for the greatest growth and development. Therefore, we continue to work in Russian, strengthen our position in the English-speaking market, and learn Turkish and Arabic.

Soon, we are planning trips to other countries in Western Europe and Asia, where I will conduct live workshops: “Success on Autopilot™” and “The Art of Powerful Questions™”, as well as a multi-day training “Breakthrough to Success™”.

In addition, I will soon be launching my new 90-day online MetaGame™ group coaching program. This will be the second season in Russian and the first season in English.

I also started recording videos again. Yesterday in the north of Scotland in the city of Inverness, I recorded a podcast for two of my channels at once: one video in Russian, the other in English. If you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channels yet, please do so.

That’s all for today. We have a plane to Turkey in a few hours, but we ran to shoot another important and interesting video for now!

With faith in you and your genius success,

Your Mykola Latansky

P.S. Please stay tuned for messages from me. A lot of good news awaits you, and you will definitely like it!

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