IF I COULD ADDRESS THE WHOLE WORLD and speak to every person on Earth, this is what I would say:

1. Whether we like it or not, we continuously influence others – in words, deeds, and even with our silent presence.
2. The degree and direction of our influence are predetermined by our inner state – we either radiate positivity and create or generate negativity and destroy everything around us.
3. If we want to positively influence the world, we must, first of all, understand what is happening inside ourselves.
4. To understand ourselves, we must learn to listen and hear ourselves: be able to track our thoughts, recognize our emotions, feel our body and be in touch with our soul.
5. We can genuinely hear ourselves only when we are ready to admit the absolute truth about ourselves: from good and positive to dark and negative.
6. By acknowledging the truth about ourselves, we become transparent to ourselves and to others.
7. Becoming transparent, we gain invulnerability and inner strength – we can no longer be hooked by anything, and impossible to stop.
8. By gaining invulnerability and inner strength, we allow ourselves to show our uniqueness and genius, revealing our talents and gifts.
9. By revealing our talents and gifts, we fulfill ourselves in what we were created for.
10. By fulfilling ourselves in what we were made for, we step on our true path.
11. Walking on our true path, we are in contact with our Higher Self and God.
12. Being in contact with God, a two-way exchange, communication, and communication opens up for us – we can send our requests to God and broadcast messages from Him – and help Him realize His plans on Earth.

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