One-on-One™ Coaching


Attention: for the first time in many years, the opportunity to work with Mykola Latansky personally opens again!

ONE-ON-ONE™ with Success Coach #1

Mykola Latansky is the first coach in the Russian-speaking space who managed to create a coaching practice with an income of more than $1,000,000 per year and clients in 70+ countries.

Creator of Genialism™, Genius Inside You™, The School of Inquiring™, and MetaGame™.

For whom:
The exclusive format of individual work is designed primarily for business owners, individual entrepreneurs, leaders of direct sales companies, coaches, trainers, speakers, business consultants, psychologists, and other experts.

In personal coaching with Mykola, you will work on the following topics:

Strategic development and vision:

      • Creation of a global business vision for 5-10 years ahead.
      • Define the scope and identify the critical needs of the potential market.
      • Identification of fundamental business values.
      • Setting strategic goals for 1-3 years.
      • Unique positioning and differentiation from competitors.
      • Formation of a successful and attractive image.
      • Creating a memorable name and stand-out brand.
      • Developing a resonant slogan and a compelling mission.
      • Formation of a content marketing strategy.

Tactical implementation of the strategic vision:

      • Creation of a corporate presentation.
      • Development of a sales funnel.
      • Writing a sales copy.
      • Designing high-selling webinars.
      • Development of online programs.
      • Development of author’s materials and methods.
      • Writing and publishing books.
      • Start your own podcast.
      • Building a strong social media presence.

Financial breakthrough:

      • Effective methods of advertising and promotion.
      • Increasing the number of customers and sales.
      • Increase in the average check.
      • Reduce costs and increase profits.
      • Investment and reinvestment.

Personal transformation:

      • Reconfiguring your mindset and getting rid of limiting beliefs.
      • Overcoming fear and opening up new horizons of opportunity.
      • Formation of a strong positive self-image.
      • Making it attractive to more successful people and businesses.


Many people know me as the first Russian-speaking motivational speaker, coach, and success coach No. 1 in the Russian-speaking space. Still, not many people know that I earned my millions of dollars, first of all, not standing on the stage but by running my expert business online. Approximately $4,200,000 I made exclusively through the Internet. This is not surprising because I have invested more than $ 850,000 in my education as an expert, and I have been using online business technologies since 2007.

In my career as an expert, I managed to set a number of records:

  • Created the first sales copy for the training in the CIS training market back in 2007 (by the way, we still haven’t made a single cold call to potential clients!).
  • Created the first email newsletter on the market, which I still run today.
  • In April 2009, I became the first coach in the post-Soviet space who held a webinar and sold more than 40 seats in his online program.
  • Launched the first online group coaching program in the post-Soviet space, The Ultimate Game of Life™, licensed by Jim Bunch, a coach from California, through which thousands of Russian-speaking people from more than 50 countries have passed through over nine years of work.
  • Launched the first daily audio podcast in the Russian-speaking world on the topic of personal growth and personal development.
  • Created the first TV program about success in the post-Soviet space, Secrets of Success with Mykola Latansky, on 1+1 TV channel, one of the central TV channels of Ukrainian television.
  • Created the first YouTube video channel about success that has brought me every second client for years.
  • Set a record for word-of-mouth recommendations of training programs – more than 50% of clients came and still come to us based on recommendations.
  • Launched the first expert training program in the Russian-speaking space, Platinum Group’s one-year online business mentoring program worth $10,000 for working with me for a year as your mentor and coach.
  • Created the first information products on the market: CDs, online video courses, and even two motivational song albums.
  • Established partnerships with world-class experts and New York Times bestselling authors: Jack Canfield, Lisa Nichols, Marcy Shimoff, Carol Klein, Marsha Wieder, Jim Bunch, Janet Attwood, Vishen Lakhiani, and many others.
  • Set three national records as the trainer with the largest geography of trainings and the largest scale of events.
  • Spoke live in 33 countries with a client base in over 70 countries.
  • Authored nine books.
  • And many others.

I have taught others how to create and run a business online for a long time. Many companies and hundreds of coaches, psychologists, therapists, trainers, and business consultants have passed through my hands.

Here is a small list of companies that I have worked with at various times as a coach and trainer for management and employees:
Radisson, Terrasoft, X-Tend, TAS, MIDA, Ostbau, Edipresse, Jeunesse, Greenway, Peptides, Lambre, Gloryon, Forever, Fohow, TianDe, Nano Patch, Oriflame and more. others

And here is just a small list of famous people I happened to influence my life and career. Many of these people have become dollar millionaires:
Alex Yanovsky, Artem Nesterenko, Maria Solodar, Natalia Kholodenko, Maria Terekhova, Oles Timofeev, Ivan Zimbitsky, Kirill Kunitsky, Sergey Mishchuk, Alla Klimenko, Oleg Spartak, Katerina Kalchenko, Igor Graf, Alex Olimskoy, Vladislav Chelpachenko, Bogdan Kurennoy, Galina Veselukha , Christina Myand-Lakhiani, Irina Khlimonenko, Tinatin Basilaya, Irina Zaitseva, Violetta Tkachenko, Olga Beresneva, Tatyana Bogonos and many others. others

Why am I doing this now?

In 2017, I stopped teaching experts how to do business online. There was a change of priorities, and my development in the direction of practical spirituality began. I am still deeply immersed in this topic and continue my many years of work on the book “Inquire Within. The Spiritual Way to Great Success.”

In January 2022, exactly one month before the start of the war in Ukraine, I decided to enter the Middle East and Asia English-speaking markets. Now I have to do from absolute zero in English what you need to go through when starting a new business online.

Now, more than ever, I have a lot of free time (I have not yet started the active phase of doing business with continuous trips around the countries and cities). I am ready to show you exactly what I do and how to enter the market of Turkey, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, India, and other countries.

All this knowledge and skills apply to absolutely any market and any product.

How the work will go:

Once a week (usually at the same time, having previously agreed on the most convenient schedule), we have a 30-60 minutes Zoom call.
During the coaching session, we will measure your progress, work out the next business steps, and create a plan and accountability for the week.
You keep the video and audio recording of each session so that you can listen to it again later if necessary.
In addition, I will provide you with recordings of my lectures and teleclasses from various programs and trainings, as well as meditations and other resources most needed at a particular stage of the development of your business.

Duration of work:

Minimum 3 months. Ideally, 6-12 months.

My promise to you:

If you complete at least 12 coaching sessions with me and do all scheduled homework, you can expect to increase your income by at least 2-3 times or more over the next 3-6 months.
You will have a clear strategy for developing your business for the next few years. You will know and understand exactly who your customers are and where you should put your efforts, first of all.


Usually, a one-hour session with me costs $1000. But given the difficult situation in the world, I am ready to make a promotional price and take the first five people into individual work.
The promotional price for the first five people is only $4997 for three months of working with me (12 sessions of 30-60 minutes each)!

I will take only five people personally and help you build your business online.

If the idea of ​​working with me and successfully building your business online and offline resonates with you, register and book your spot!