Mykola Latansky — the TRUE SUCCESS™ Expert — speaks at TEDxChennai on the Power of Transparency.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to never have to look for clients, because they all come to you? And you have a hard time working with them because your client base is exponentially growing?”

This is how Mykola Latansky began his speech at TEDx Chennai, to phrase rather perfectly the success he experiences today as a motivational speaker and mentor who gets booked for seminars and presentations over a year in advance.

Born and brought up during the Soviet Union era, Mykola had been injected with the idealisation that one should always appear and behave “perfect” – the perfect life, the perfect wife, the perfect wardrobe and the perfect personality; it was a constant portrayal of the Stepford Man, had that film been made.

So after what seemed like a failed career and a series of unfruitful ventures, Mykola sold his only property and flew to America to be mentored by motivational speaker and author Jack Canfield.

And what followed upon their first meeting was almost an accidental overnight transformation, not through some genius method, but through a real and transparent conversation between Jack and Mykola, who never in his life thought that plain honesty would be the key to his success. Just by altering his perspective, Mykola saw a dramatic change in his finances and his client base in a short time.

Mykola teaches that “when you are transparent, when you are who you are and you are real and sincere, you become vulnerable. And vulnerability leads to intimacy, which then leads to trust.”

Watch Mykola’s speech on how the simple act of honesty and being human can improve your career and your relationships, and tell us – would you apply The Power Of Transparency into your business to see if you could reach out to your customers better and expand your client base?



PURITY OF INTENT: Mykola Latansky at TEDxChennai