In this one-of-a-kind workshop led by Mykola, the world’s authority on awakening your inner genius, you will:

1. Be inspired to gain full control over your life;
2. Create a vision for your best future;
3. Learn how to consistently stay the course toward your vision;
4. Rid yourself of limiting beliefs that stop you from achieving the life of your dream;
5. Experience the tools that can make you unstoppable through all obstacles;
6. Master the sell without selling skill and close like a pro;
7. Become an inspirational leader in life and business using Mykola’s proven system.


Mykola Latansky—neoteric spiritual leader, creator of the True Success Movement™ and President of the Academy of True Success.

Based in Ukraine, Mykola built his multimillion dollar international training, coaching and speaking business for the Russian-speaking world; a feat not done before. His high energy and passion for helping others are the driving forces behind his success.

His clientele span the globe in more than 70 countries. To date, Mykola has spoken live in 23 countries on three continents.

Mykola’s unique ability inspires faith, helps people transform into their ultimate selves. His clientele begins living authentically: achieving their own True Success™.

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BE THE MASTER OF YOUR LIFE™. A life changing workshop led by...